Steps of Love provides resources and support to help vulnerable young people in Mexican Border towns transform their lives. Through partnerships with local community based programs we are currently supporting 82 students from kindergarten through college-age. Our partners in Mexico focus on helping at-risk youth gain access to a variety of educational opportunities that can help them reach their potential in all areas of their lives. The young people served come from a variety of family situations, from living in poverty with illiterate parents, to living with two parents who are able to meet their basic needs but not able to pay for education, to living in a Children's Home because their parents cannot care for them. What all of the young people served have in common is a strong desire to use the resources and support they receive to reach their potential and break the cycle of poverty they come from.


We currently run three program levels:

  • Basic Needs:  while our goal is for our children to reach fulfillment through education or other activities that can help them thrive in their lives, we understand that if a child's basic needs are not met then they will not be able to reach their potential. This program seeks to cover basic needs such as shelter, food, medical and dental care, security and safety. As per Maslow, these needs are the most basic and instinctive needs in the hierarchy because all needs become secondary until these physiological needs are met.
  • Psychological needs: Children and young adults who have been exposed to trauma or a dysfunctional childhood frequently lack the emotional balance required for them to reach success. Steps of Love, through its Mexican partners, works in providing children and youth in Mexican border towns with services and activities that would strengthen their self-esteem.
  • Self-Fulfillment needs: Steps of Love helps young individuals in Mexico to achieve self-actualization by supporting them in the engagement of activities that will help them realize their personal potential. Steps of Love addresses self-fulfillment needs through educational programs, extracurricular activities, the support of sports activities and other actions, tailored to the specific needs of those we serve, that would help them seek personal growth and peak experiences.

We currently serve children and young adults in Sonoyta and Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico.