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Providing a path out of poverty through education

Our Mission

To provide young people in Mexico with a path out of poverty through education.





Our Vision

We envision a world where all children have access to quality educational opportunities that can help them realize their full potential. 

At Steps of Love, we believe where a child starts in life should not determine where they finish.

We also believe that no tool can more effectively help a young person change his or her place in life than access to education. Unfortunately, public school in Mexico is not free for older students and often not accessible for younger students. Tragically, a lack of resources leaves many hard-working parents in the community of Puerto Penasco having to choose between meeting their family's basic needs and sending their children to school. The good news is that your investment of as little as $35 a month can give children in this community access to the educational opportunities they need to create lasting change in their lives.


Support for Public

School Students

The local AIM Penasco team  ensures that the students we support have the ongoing resources they need to not only go to school but to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Support for Special Needs Students

We support a team of local therapists, special educators, and other professionals who work together to help students with special needs to overcome obstacles to independence and reach their potential.  

Support for English Language Program

Because English language acquisition can greatly enhance future employment opportunities for the students we support we are developing a program to provide them with consistent English language instruction.

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Our Model:

We believe in supporting communities in their own efforts to be successful and sustainable long-term. Because our goal is to empower rather than create dependency, our efforts are led and maintained by a Mexican non-profit organization. Our partner, AIM Penasco (Asistencia Integral Para Menores de Puerto Penasco, A.C. or “Comprehensive Support for Youth in Puerto Penasco”) was established in 2015 and shares our core mission, vision, and values. The AIM Penasco team understands the local culture and is trusted and respected in the community. The strong partnership we have established enables us to focus on fundraising, communications & marketing, providing financial and program oversight, and volunteer support. Meanwhile, the local AIM Penasco team is able to focus on responsibly and efficiently managing all aspects of the program while also growing participation and support from the local community. 

“Do not go with the intention of helping; go with the intention of learning and the rest will come naturally.”

- Reha Kakkar

Why Education?

Because education is transformative.

It enables.

It empowers.

It gives hope.

Unfortunately, while some progress has been made over the past several decades, poverty still impacts 80% of our world population. 

Meanwhile, the World Bank data consistently confirms that universal education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. According to the World Bank (2013) $1 invested in education equals $10 in economic growth.

Without help, children in poverty

become adults in poverty.

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"At the greatest levels of affluence, and the deepest levels of poverty, parents share the same desire for their children to have a better future."

Adam Braun

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