AZ Tax Credit

AZ Taxpayers can make a gift to support our students and get their money back when they pay their taxes!

Thanks to our partnership with the North Phoenix Kiwanis Club and Executive Council Charities/Support Arizona Youth, 70% of your tax credit donation will support Seps of Love and 30% will go to support low-income kids and families in Phoenix. A win-win for kids in need on both sides of the border!

Here’s how it works in two easy steps:

1) If you have not yet filed your State tax return you have until April 15th to use the link below to make a charitable tax credit donation of up to $400 (single) or $800 (married).


2) When you file your taxes use form 321 and either reduce what you owe to the state or increase your refund by the exact amount you donated using QCO code 20589. When making your donation, please write “Steps of Love” in the notes and select “none” for referring member.

GOOD NEWS!  If you have already made tax credit donations for Foster Care or Public or Private Schools, this is a separate charitable tax credit and can be made in addition to the others.  

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