Donate, Without It Costing You a Thing!!

How can I support Steps of Love without it costing me a thing?
Steps of Love is partnering with the North Phoenix Kiwanis Club to be able to give you the opportunity to receive Arizona Tax Credit for your 2017 donations to Steps of Love.  The North Phoenix Kiwanis Club is a Qualified Charitable Organization in Arizona.

In Arizona an individual may now donate up to $400 and a couple up to $800 to a qualified charitable organizations and receive a dollar for dollar tax credit against their Arizona State Taxes. Any amount up to the maximum that you donate to the Kiwanis Foundation to support our team is subtracted from your Arizona State Income Tax bill.  After the walk 70% of all funds we raise will go to support our education program in Mexico and the remaining 30% will support education programs for low income students in North Phoenix. So think about it… you can choose to send up to $400 (individual) or $800 (couple) now to sponsor our team and help us support kids in need or you can send that same amount to the AZ Department of Revenue when your taxes are due 🙂

Do I have to itemize deductions to claim the credit for contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations?
No, even if you do not itemize deductions you are eligible to claim the credit.

What is the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction?
A tax credit is more beneficial than a tax deduction.  A tax deduction simply reduces the taxable income upon which your taxes are calculated while a tax credit reduces your AZ State Income taxes—dollar for dollar.

Can I take this Tax Credit if I take the School or Foster Care Tax Credit ?
Yes, they are separate credits and you are allowed to take advantage of all. Follow this link to read more about the State of Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.

How to Donate

Check donations:  You can write a check to North Phoenix Kiwanis Foundation and mail it to Steps of Love at 70 S. Val Vista Dr. Suite A3-197, Gilbert, AZ 85296 together with this form: download, print and fill out this form. We will collect all check donations and send as a group to Kiwanis, after registering your name in our team.

Credit card donations: You can make your online donations here and we will count them towards your participation in Kiwanis.