Steps of Love serves the towns of Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) and Sonoyta, Mexico. Follow these directions to visit our two main locations. Please Contact Us if you need more information.

  • Travel west on I­10 from Phoenix to the State Route 85 exit.
  • Head south on SR 85, through the outskirts of Buckeye and on to Gila Bend. This is a good place to stop for breakfast or for a break.
  • Continue west through Gila Bend and turn right just before McDonalds. This turn is marked with a sign stating “Mexico” and “SR 85 South”.
  • Continue south on SR 85 to Ajo. Ajo is a good place to stock up on anything you may have forgotten. It is the largest town between Phoenix and the border. Ajo also has an ATM machine located at Bank One on the corner of the only intersection in Ajo with a traffic signal, right across from the town square. Ajo is also a good place to purchase your Mexico Automobile Insurance.
  • Continue south on SR 85 from Ajo. Next town is “Why”, AZ. Why is a good place to top off the fuel tank before crossing into Mexico.
  • Continue south through Organ Pipe National Monument to the border at Lukeville, AZ. Last stop prior to Mexico. The settlement at Lukeville is called “Gringo Pass” and has all facilities available if there was anything you forgot.
  • Cross the border at Lukeville, AZ/Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico. When you reach the border, pay attention to the Mexican border police. Sometimes they will just flag you on through and on your way. Sometimes they will ask where you are going and how long you will be in the country. If they ask you to pull over for a search be polite and cooperative and you will soon be on your way. If you are only going to Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) or Sonoyta, you do not need a passport or visa since these towns are located in the Mexican “Free Zone”.

Visit Sonoyta: Children’s Home Pasos de Amor

  • Once across the border you will continue south into Sonoyta. The speed limit here is fairly slow so be careful. About 2 miles from the border you will come to a three way intersection. Stay to the left (towards Caborca). Do not take the direction to San Luis.
  • About 1 block south of there you will see the road split into a “Y”. The Children’s Home will be on your right before the split but remember this road since this is the main road that takes you to Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point.
  • Before reaching the “Y” pay attention to the landmark and these directions: you will see “Farmacia San Luis” on your right, then “Hotel Excelsior” and soon after “Licores Tony” with a large Tecate sign on one corner. Turn right on the street where “Licores Tony” is on the corner.
  • Go straight for two blocks and keep paying attention to your left. Soon on your left you will find a sign Pasos de Amor / Steps of Love. A black gate points you to the main entrance of the home.

Visit Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point): Homework Club

  • Go back to the road where you were about to reach the “Y”, and where “Licores Tony” was at the corner. Head towards the “Y” and stay to the right; you will then be on the road to Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point.
  • You will pass “Vasquez” on your left if you have made the correct turn. There is a traffic light soon after “Vasquez” that is easy to miss if you don’t know it is there. Continue along the same road all the way to Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point.
  • The highway from Sonoyta to Puerto Peñasco is approximately 50 miles of open range. Being open range you are subject to encountering livestock on the highway on occasion. This is one of the major reasons that we recommend not driving this highway at night. You will know you are close to Rocky point when you start seeing sand dunes.