How We Got Started

The program we support in Puerto Penasco, Mexico was founded in 2016 by Kathleen Duncan. During more than 20 years vacationing in Puerto Penasco with her husband and two sons, Kathleen was heartbroken to discover that a lack of resources was forcing the parents of young people throughout this community to choose between sending their children to school and meeting their basic needs. Kathleen knew that, without access to education, most of these kids would remain trapped in the cycle of poverty. She became determined to one-day do something to help.   


In 2012, with her two sons off in college and their family farming business thriving, Kathleen decided to make a long-term commitment to helping kids living in poverty in Puerto Penasco. She spent the next three years traveling back and forth from her home in AZ to spend three days each week volunteering at a local children’s shelter. During that time, she learned to speak the language, gained the trust of people in the community, and began to understand more clearly how lack of access to education was keeping many local kids trapped in the cycle of poverty.   

In 2015 Kathleen formed a Mexican non-profit called ‘Asistencia Integral para Menores de Puerto Penasco’ (AIM Penasco). That same year she became the leader of a U.S. non-profit called Steps of Love whose primary mission became supporting her program in Puerto Penasco.  In 2016, she hired a small team of local professionals and together they launched a program to provide kids living in poverty with the long-term, consistent support they would need to go to school and thrive inside and outside the classroom. That first year the program was funded primarily by Kathleen and her husband and it supported 72 students from kindergarten through high school. Today, thanks to Steps of Love’s many generous supporters, the local team has grown to more than 15 professionals supporting more than 600 students and operating seven homework clubs throughout the community.

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