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Fun Friday! :)

On Friday we launched one of the projects I've been developing for 6 weeks. It turned out to be a big success!! Yaahoooo!! :)

'Fun Fridays' are designed to be a unique, refreshing experience for the kids in our after school program. They have had a difficult year and we want to give them a break from the stress while yet keeping them engaged, in a routine and interested in education!

The theme of the week was 'FUN' so they learned what Fun & Friday both mean, drew things that are fun to them and practiced saying the letter 'F'. Then we had fun activities like musical chairs to English songs and listening to "Girls just want to have fun," where they had to raise their hand every time they heard the word 'Fun'! They loved applying what they had just learned to a real life, American song. It was cool to see their eyes light up when they realized they actually understood!!

Since we have 6 different locations that I can't all be in at once- we reached out to the community for volunteers. It was a big leap of faith launching a program without certainty that enough Native English Speaking Volunteers would show up. Guess what?! 9 PEOPLE CAME!! Amazing! I am so grateful! 2 people brought their kids as well. It was so cool to watch kids teaching kids!! They all loved it!

Every volunteer said that they enjoyed the experience and that they want to come back and do it again. As the coordinator that was a relief to hear, but not surprising at all knowing what they had just participated in.

We definitely had some kinks that need to be worked out- like GPS maps being inaccurate, volunteers getting lost on the dirt roads with no names and some technology not cooperating, but those are barriers that come when working in poverty stricken areas. We will continue to push forward and do our best despite these obstacles in an effort to give these kids the attention, love and education that they deserve!

Thank you everyone for coming and helping! Thank you to everyone who has donated so that I can stay here working on projects like these! If you'd like to contribute my Venmo is CarlyHarris55 - or you can get yourselves down to Mexico and come volunteer at next week's Fun Friday! 😉

Thank you. Muchas gracias! 😊

❤️ Carlita

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